Ammonite Design – our glass pool fencing is the contemporary solution to a modern and elegant pool environment.

We are the only dedicated frameless glass pool fencing company in the UK manufacturing and installing a fully frameless pool fence system.

Safety & Security

Frameless glass pool fencing is the ultimate in designer glass barrier systems. It provides a stunning feature to any property.

Adding safety and security, it simultaneously offers style, spaciousness and long-lasting quality. This system is designed to be used anywhere that a solid foundation can be provided, including decks and gardens. It is aesthetically pleasing and gives a pool that unique touch of class. Unobtrusive in its appeal, a frameless glass safety fence is the ideal solution to enhance any poolside or outdoor environment, keeps winds at bay and most importantly protects your children from danger.

Why Us?

We are the only dedicated frameless glass fencing company working in the UK and France, manufacturing and installing a fully frameless glass swimming pool barrier system.

Our glass pool fencing and barriers provide the safety and strength of a traditional swimming pool fence, whilst retaining an unobstructed view.

Expertly designed, our glass fences and barriers provide complete safety for children, without compromising the look of the property.

A stroke of genius – practical, beautiful and we love it! The glass fencing and the Jack Rabbit Foundation will be life-savers.

Ash, Mark, Amelie, Zoe & Albert – Abinger Common

The majority (74%) of drowning in pools are young children aged 4 or under.

Our glass fencing and barriers, combined with our self closing/self latching & lockable safety gates are child-proof and fully comply with safety regulation AFNOR NF P90-306, widely accepted as the benchmark across Europe.