This really is the top of the range fencing system for swimming pool security. The idea is simple, if children cannot access the pool area they cannot fall in.

We want to help you add security to your pool area, the whole idea behind the system is to prevent accidents, mainly involving young children from accessing the pool area.

The definition of an accident is “a preventable occurrence”. By installing a fully frameless glass pool fence with its unique self closing/self latching gate you are preventing such occurrences which are sometimes fatal and often always traumatic.

The majority (66%) of drowning in pools are young children between the age of 1 and 3.

Our frameless system and our self closing/self latching gates is child proof and fully conforms with safety law  NF P90-306, widely accepted as the benchmark across Europe.

We are proud to support the Jack Rabbit Foundation.

A stroke of genius – practical, beautiful and we love it! The glass fencing and the Jack Rabbit Foundation will be life-savers.

Ash, Mark, Amelie, Zoe & Albert - Abinger Common

We found Ammonite very professional and communicative throughout and we are more than happy with the beautiful finished result!

Pete - Beaconsfield, Bucks.

I would like to thank Ammonite for a “Quality product” & “Quality installation”. You can consider me as a very satisfied customer with my expectations exceeded. Thank you.

Harvey - Norfolk